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Conan Neutron Voting Guide – Nov. 2016 – General Election

Vote 2016
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Hillary Clinton
US Senate: Kamala Harris
 US House, District 13: Barbara Lee
US House, District 17: No Endorsement (Honda v. Khanna)
State Senate, District 9: Nancy Skinner
State Senate, District 11: Jane Kim
State Assembly, District 18: No endorsement (Rob Bonta)
Office No. 1: Scott Jackson
Chris Peeples
Greg Harper
Audree Jones-Taylor
District 1: Gail Murray
District 3: Rebecca Saltzman
Distrct 5: John McPartland
District 7: Lateefah Simon
At -Large- Rebecca Kaplan RCV
Barbara Parker (Unopposed)
District 1: Don Macleay
51: No – School Construction & Repair Bond
52: Yes – Medi-Cal Matching Fees
53: HELL NO – Require Even More Bonds on the Ballot
54: Yes – Publish Bills 72 Hours Before a Vote
55: No – Extension of Income Tax on the 1%
56: Yes – Tax E-cigs & tax Cigarettes more.
57: HELL YES- Progressive Parole Reform
58: Yes – Allow Multilingual Education in Public Schools
59: Yes – Citizens United Sucks
60: HELL NO – Moralizing Crusade to Require Condoms in Adult Films
61: YES  – Prescription Drug Pricing Change
62: HELL YES – Repeal the Death Penalty
63: Yes – Gavin Newsom’s Vanity Gun Control Prop
64: HELL YES!!! – Marijuana Legalization
65: No – Redirect Money from the Disposable Bag Fee
66: HELL NO!!!! – Kill people faster with the Death Penalty
67: Yes – Protect the Plastic Bag Ban
Alameda County:
A1: Yes – Affordable Housing
City of Alameda:
B1: Yes – Extend Parcel tax for Schools
AC Transit:
C1: Yes – Mass Transit is cool
City of Oakland
G1: Yes – School District Parcel Tax
HH: Yes – Soda Tax
II: Yes – Maximum Lease time of city-owned real properties
JJ: YES!!! – Renter’s rights, and just cause, approval to raise rents.
KK: Yes – Pedestrian Infrastructure Bond
LL: YES!!!! –  charter amendment for citizen oversight of police department
RR: Yes – More mass transit, uneasy
Vote 2016
Hillary Clinton
I’m so ready for this to be over, I truly am.
Look: I sucked it up and voted for Kerry / Edwards in 2004 and the third party choices were better that year and the Democratic Candidate weaker. Yet i’m still gnashing teeth because the primary and what Bernie built… look, you get it.
I don’t like Jill Stein, the anti-vaxx stuff is blown out of proportion (she really questions the FDAs role in it and approval, it’s a sane stance), but she is just annoying. She was in an annoying folk group, she plays those annoying hippie drums. She’s annoying! Like most of the things I dislike about the Green Party in one candidate, she’s ivory tower progressive personified, and the best thing about this cycle is that it’s made a Green Party candidate actually speak out on foreign policy beyond “don’t wage war”. As for Gary Johnson… come on… he has not fared well in this era of greater scrutiny. Enough said. Even Bill Weld knows what time it is.
So here I am, advocating for Hillary freaking Clinton. Yeah, I know.
Here’s why: we need to strike a blow for critical thinking, we need to strike a blow against what these years of Tea Party style over-represented white rage represent. It sucks that the champion has to be her, i’m sorry I’ve been listening to the arguments for her for years, I just don’t buy it. I yearn to be proven wrong.
I don’t know if Clinton deserves to win, but Drumpf and the Republicans *DEFINITELY* deserve to lose.
The one thing I LOVE about her is that she’s a ruthless tactician that won’t expect camaraderie and bipartisanship, she will treat it like the blood sport it is and give them the lack of mercy that they have earned. That, I look forward to, it’s been earned.
So that pisses off all of my Green and Libertarian friends, now let me irritate all of the Democratic party regulars and the beltway types I know.
Votes are earned, period.
If you don’t live in a swing state, vote for whoever you want and don’t let anybody guilt you otherwise. . Votes are earned, not transferred.
If you do. Well, I’m going to ask you to suck it up.
I do think that an election where Clinton wins the electoral college and Drumpf wins the popular vote would be one of the worst possible scenarios I can envision, but don’t let anybody harangue you into voting for somebody you don’t want to. Me? I feel like we need to strike a blow for critical thinking, and insanely that means voting FOR Hillary Clinton.
She doesn’t need to be your favorite, she doesn’t need to be your ideal. You just have to realize that she is the bulwark against this heinous anti-intellectualism, sexist, racist, classist bullshit that we have going on. It’s not enough for that crap to lose, it needs to lose big.
That’s what this election cycle has done, the tire fire needs to go out. Drumpf’s supporters will not go away when he loses, neither will Drumpf… but we need a reset. Look: at this point i’m sure you made up your mind long ago, let’s just get this over with, ok?
She’ll probably be fine, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and make sure we keep the progressive pressure on, ok?
US Senate: Kamala Harris
Everytime I endorse Kamala Harris, I’m a little less enthusiastic about it. She’s so careful, so painfully preparing for the next step up. It’s really annoying. She’s by far the better candidate of the two Democrats. Sanchez would be acceptable in a purple state or red state… …

Neutron Voting Guide – June 2016

It’s that time again, at *LAST* it’s California’s turn to vote.
So let’s get right down to it, shall we? My choices. With explanations below.

Do it… it’s important. Especially for the Presidential Ticket this year (amazingly!)

PresidentBernie Sanders
US SenateKamala Harris
US House of Representatives, District 13Barbara Lee
California State Senate District 9Nancy Skinner
California State Assembly District 18Write-in
Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Office 1Scott Jackson
Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Office 2Jennifer Madden
Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Office 14Margaret Fujioka
Alameda Board of Education, 3rd Trustee AreaRandy Reynaldo Menjivar

Prop 50: YES
Measure AA: No

Alameda County Democratic Party, Central Committee, Assembly District 18:
1. Randy Reynaldo Menjivar
2. Guillermo D. Elenes
3. Pamela Drake
4. Marlon Mcwilson
5. Diana Prola
6. Peggy Moore
7. Pamela Price
8. Margarita Lacabe
9. Mike Katz-Lacabe
10. Corina Lopez

President – Bernie Sanders
My MAN. Never has a Presidential candidate in my lifetime been so close to my actual political belief system. MOST DEFINITELY never has one that matched so closely gotten so far.

Robert Reich said something really smart:

Hillary Clinton, he says, is the best possible president for running the system we have. But Sanders, he argues, is the only presidential candidate actually trying to change the system we have into the system we deserve.

Perfect! Look: I’ve been a fan of this dude back from when he was just the mayor of Burlington, VT. Into the House and then into the Senate. I really never expected him to run for President, I didn’t think he would be into the hassle of it. However, one of the first things I thought of when I heard he was running was: “Hunh, he could win.” Senator Sanders has legitimately started a movement, and has made it so that California. One of the VERY LAST states to vote actually matters. All of this running against one of the best funded and most powerful non-incumbents in Presidential History.

He’s smart, he’s effective, he brooks no Tom Foolery and he’s managed to make people excited about good progressive policy with populist roots. In any other election he WOULD be the story, as we all know, he is just *A* story in this election.

Listen: I’ve gone on and on about Bernie Sanders and all the reasons to love him. I think most people have picked a side on this contest long ago and are ready to get onto defeating the heinous menace of Donald Drumpf no matter the outcome. However, we still get to vote, and for that i’m grateful. It feels amazing to be able to vote *FOR* something, and I hope he not only wins, but wins BIG. Showing that politics as usual just won’t cut it in the Democratic Party anymore.
Thank you Bernie Sanders for running, for giving people like me something to vote FOR and for perhaps starting an incredible new phase in the Democratic Party.

US Senate – Kamala Harris
What’d I say last time?:
“An attorney general who is against the Death Penalty. Yes! Still pisses me off she has taken little action against the Federal stomping on the Marijuana trade, but she is a dece AG. I wish she would take a stronger stance against the death penalty and for legalization of the weed. But, she has her eyes on bigger things. That’s fine. She’ll be good at that too.”

Yeah, that’ll do. If she gets the Senate seat expect to hear a lot from Kamala Harris for years to come.

I think it’s fantastic that in a sea of white men in the Senate, California has regularly had two ladies representing us. Too bad one of them is Feinstein. Heh.

Kamala is easily the best of a huge field, Loretta Sanchez would be a great candidate for like: Arizona or something. Not California. I think it’s just fine that some of the rowdier parts of the left are all worked up about Harris. The one thing that gives me pause is the Eastbay cell phone surveillance plan she supported. That sucks.

Remember, our weird ass rules has the top two vote getters going against each other. So it’s entirely possible we might be voting for two Democrats in the general too. If it isn’t Kamala vs. Loretta in the general, i’d genuinely be shocked.

At least there’s no Schwarzenegger this time.

US House of Representatives – Barbara Lee
One of my favorite Representatives in all of the House. She’s awesome. Easy choice, i’ve voted for her many times, glad to do so again.

California State Senate District 9 – Nancy Skinner, I guess? O
I like Sandre Swanson, I’ve just never seen him do that much. It’s by a nose. Practically a coin flip with these two.
I hear a lot of talk about how Nancy Skinner both is and could BE a big Democratic leader though, and that’s what we need.
So i’m willing to take the plunge on this.

As an aside: I hate how people just switch around jobs with these statehouse roles. Annoying.

California State Assembly District 18 – Write-In
I don’t like Rob Bonta, I think he is exactly the kind of person we don’t need in the state legislature. He doesn’t ever seem to actually do anything, but he seems nice enough and he sticks around long enough that you remember the name.

Here’s what I wrote last time:
“I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know a damn thing about this Rob Bonta character. At least what he’s done in his current role. I’m sure he’s managed to collect his salary. I forget who I advocated for when he ran. This dude is my assemblyman though… and I barely know he is, and I pay attention to this stuff.

Ugh, the assembly can be important. Why do we have a dude in there who …

Neutron Voting Guide – November 2014

Well now! The time has come, the time has come once again to choose mostly between diminished expectations and hard choices and impending evil. It must be… yup… Election season. Time to lock myself in the office with a healthy dose of righteous indignation and drop some science.

So let’s get right down to it boppers. Please remember, that I know that of which I speak… but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good decision.

Cliff’s notes, then the full deal:

Oakland Mayor –  first because it is most important: It’s ranked choice so in this order:

1) Kaplan

2) Seigel

3) Schaaf


Oakland, District 2:

1) Abel Guillen

2) Nonsense

3) Not Dana King

City Auditor:

1) Len Raphael

2) Nonsense

3) Brenda Roberts


Governor – Jerry Brown

Lt. Governor – Gavin Newsom

Secretary of State – Alex Padilla

Controller – Betty Yee

Treasurer - John Chiang

Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tom Torlakson

Board of Equalization, District 2, -LEAVE IT BLANK!

13th Congressional district – Barbara Lee

18th Assembly District – None!

 Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, 1st Appellate district, Division 1 – Jim Humes

 Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal 1st Appellate District, Division 2 – J. Anthony Kline

1st Appellate district, Division 3 – Stuart Pollak

 County Superintendent of Schools – Helen Foster

 Proposition 1 - Water Bond – YES

Proposition 2 - stabilize the budget – YES

Proposition 45 – Health care insurance cost control – YES

Proposition 46 – Drug Test Doctors  – NO

Proposition 47 – Reform sentencing – YES

Proposition 48 – Indian Gaming – YES

Measure J in SF – Minimum Wage Hike – YES, YES, YES!

Measure D in Berkeley – Soda Tax – YES


 Governor – Jerry Brown

I was having this conversation with a conservative coworker the other day, I said something along the lines of: “If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would not only be endorsing Jerry Brown for Governor, but ENTHUSIASTICALLY doing so, I would call you a liar.”. But here I am, doing it again.

He’s good. He’s really, really good. He’s not the best, but he is good. Prisons and fraking he ain’t right on, but man does the guy get disaster leadership.

It’s jarring since we’ve been run by noodniks, maniacs and incompetents for years.. What is there to say? The guy proved me wrong. I like being proven wrong when I’m being cynical.


Neel Kashkari is a jackass

Lt. Governor – Gavin Newsom

I’m much more leery of the Smiler. But the man can speak, oh yes… oh yes. He’s also right on drug policy reform, despite being a Richie Rich. History has proven the bro VERY correct on gay marriage and good on him for it. He is a very handsome “waiting in the wings” dude.  Not my favorite guy, but he’s ok.

Secretary of State – Alex Padilla

I advocated for Cressman in the primary, because the dude was into electoral reform. But I’ve got nothing against Padilla. He’s just fine. He’s for the voting rights act, and will be good in the role. And if I can’t have Debra Bowen again, I guess he’ll do.

Controller, Betty Yee

She turned down contributions from tobacco and fought for equity between same sex couples. The controller watches the money. You could do much, much worse. I full expect her opponent Ashley to get some misguided votes because her last name is Swearengin, like one of the best characters in TV, the dude from Deadwood. Trust me you aren’t voting for Al Swearengin.

Treasurer, John Chiang

He was a good controller, he’ll be a good treasurer. Dude is good on fiscal stability.

Attorney General, Kamala Harris

An attorney general who is against the Death Penalty. Yes! Still pisses me off she has taken little action against the Federal stomping on the Marijuana trade, but she is a dece AG. I wish she would take a stronger stance against the death penalty and for legalization of the weed. But, she has her eyes on bigger things. That’s fine. She’ll be good at that too.

Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones

Smart dude, was on Uber and Lyft and others before most were. Solid progressive who has good sense about the ACA.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson

Yeah, Torlakson is good. He’s a former teacher. Always nice to have somebody that has been in the role in the big boss job.

Board of Equalization, District 2, -LEAVE IT BLANK!

Fiona Ma sucks. Flat out, not explanation needed.

Leave this blank or write in Mickey Mouse or something. Do you really want some dope trying to ban raves in this office you barely understand?

No! you do not.

She sucks, her opponent sucks. Top 2 screwed us here… leave it blank.

13th Congressional district – Barbara Lee

One of my favorite congress people in the whole wide delegation. We are damn lucky.

18th Assembly District – None!

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know a damn thing about this Rob Bonta character. At least what he’s done in his current role. I’m sure he’s managed to collect his salary. I forget who I advocated for when he ran. This dude is my assemblyman though… and I barely know he is, and I pay attention to this stuff.

Ugh, the assembly can be important. Why do we have a dude in there who I immediately forget exists when I’m done typing about him? All I know about his opponent is that he’s an electrician that likes dams, and he knows he is doomed to lose. Great.  Democracy in action. Vote for this dude or don’t… I don’t know. I can’t advocate either way.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’d rather give myself …

Neutron voting guide 06/03/2014

Governor – Luis Rodriguez

Lt. Governor – Jena Goodman

Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Controller – John Perez

Secretary of State – Derek Cressman

Insurance Commissioner – Nathalie Hrizi

Treasurer – John Chiang

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tom Torlakson

Board of Equalization, District 2 - nobody or write in.

US, House of Representatives, district 13 – Barbara Lee

US, House of Representatives, district 14 – Jackie Speier

SF Judges (all are fine)

Prop 41: $600 million bond to provide multifamily housing to veterans - YES (soft)

Prop 42: Force counties to comply with the California Public Records Act — Yes (soft)

Measure AA: Healthcare Safety Net Reauthorization — Alameda County – YES


Governor – Luis Rodriguez

In the general, I will vote for Jerry Brown. For sure, no waffles. He does some frustrating things but the guy is a good governer for a practically ungovernable state. I’m voting for Luis Rodriguez largely because we the general will be the “top two vote getters” one will be Jerry Brown, and because people vote on party lines the other one will be one of the Republicans. Almost certainly Neel Kashkari, who will lose. I’d love for it to be an actual debate of ideas though…. so! My vote goes third party.


Lt. governor – Jena Goodman

Exactly the same thing as Governor. You think Gavin Newsom doesn’t take this? You’re tripping. It’ll be him and one of these Republicans though. So again: third party.


Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is an Attorney General who is against the death penalty, and pro medical marijuana (at least on paper.) sounds ok to me! She hasn’t really stepped it up on the latter, letting the US Justice department walk all over the dispenseries and growers (which, HINT! HINT! *WAS* one of the primary sources or revenue for Oakland). She has been exactly as brave as you would expect somebody that could “GO ALL THE WAY(tm)” higher office style, but she is a good AG. And remember people, she got in on a very small margin before.


Controller – John Perez

He’s the first openly gay speaker in the CA assembly and he would be the first LGBT person elected to statewide office. He’s really smart about pension fund investment and local tax laws… Betty Yee would also be fine, but Perez is better.


Secretary of State – Derek Cressman

That Alex Padilla character isn’t bad either, but it is annoying that so many people use SoS as a jumping off board for other offices. Cressman is a voting rights advocate that works for a non-profit that focuses on electoral reform. OK!


Insurance Commissioner – Nathalie Hrizi

Dave Jones will win this in a walk. Which is fine, but yeah… voting third partu on this one. Nathalie is a sassy public school teacher with a (literal) megaphone.


Treasurer – John Chiang

John Chiang was a pretty darn good Controller, he’ll be a pretty darn good Treasurer.


Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tom Torlakson

I’m honestly a little conflicted about this one, but Torlakson is a former teacher and the incumbent has done ok. His opponent is really into charter schools and private schools, and while it may sound counterintuitive having worked for a charter school system. Many of them are bad (not all! many)


Board of Equalization, District 2 - nobody or write in.

Fiona Ma kind of sucks as does her opponent. Disappointing that somebody good didn’t run for this.


US, House of Representatives, district 13 – Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee speaks for me. She is getting on in years, but she is a damn fine representative.


US, House of Representatives, district 14 – Jackie Speier


SF Judges (all are fine)


There are a bunch of people running unopposed in Alameda county… whic his always annoying. But none of them are that odious. Still, what the heck man? I hate unopposed elections.


County Superintendent of Schools; Alameda County Board of Education – Naomi Eason

Relatively tough choice, but again… a teacher, principal and then district administrator.

good by me!


Prop 41: $600 million bond to provide multifamily housing to veterans - YES (soft)

I came *THIS CLOSE* to voting NO on this, because i’m sick of seeing all of these feel good propositions but in front of the people who don’t understand the ramifications of what these votes mean.

That said, we treat our veterans terribly in this country. So if there is a chance to rectify that. I’m for it. I totally understand if others aren’t willing to support this though,.


Prop 42: Force counties to comply with the California Public Records Act — Yes (soft)

Again, you’d think this would be a no brainer right? Transparency is always good right? Weeeeeeeell… it also invalidates a law that says the state has to imburse municipalities for their expenses. This may not sound like much, and in fact some places already do that. But some of the smaller communities may well suffer. I’ve *SEEN* this law, in action get in the way of otherwise helpful projects because some busy body decided to throw a wrench in the works because of some personal axe to grind. That said, that is more rare than not.

so Yes… but a soft yes.


Man, I get sick of saying that, give me something to vote *FOR* people!


Measure AA: Healthcare Safety Net Reauthorization — Alameda County – YES

vote no and sales tax drops half a cent. If it is that important to you, fine… otherwise that money goes to essential health services to provide trauma and emergency medical services for low-income and uninsured familes, kids and seniors. Have you been to an ER lately? Yeah, if you have you know that this has to be yes.…

Neutron Voting Guide 2012

Living in non-swing state California makes for a boring disconnected election decided mostly by people far away. But there’s an upside! You also get to vote on a bunch of dumb propositions every year. So let’s slap on a fake smile and deconstruct this shall we?

President: Obama.
Don’t talk to me about the lesser of two evils. Seriously, just don’t. I don’t believe the guy is evil.
Sorry everybody didn’t get their unicorn and decided to pick up their ball and go home. That isn’t a tacit endorsement of drone bombing or Guantanamo, or the rest of his policies. He’s my president and I’d like to see him finish the job. It’d be great if we lived in an ivory tower wonderland where Jill Stein could be president (despite a foreign policy that doesn’t go much beyond “wage peace” ) We don’t. This isn’t mayor of the bay area here. It is a binary decision for the most part. Mitt “the Smiler” Romney could actually win this, and if you think things suck now… Vote for anybody you want, just remember if it’s Romney, I will find you and punch you. People interested in party building or send a message, go ahead and vote for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or (*vomit*) Rosanne Barr. You just had better make DAMN sure to vote on propositions and your local measures too or you are an ass.

Senate: NO VOTE
*gasp* I have never voted for Dianne Feinstein and I never will. She’s pro-corporate, all about PIPA and basically a snake. I am horribly disappointed that she has no progressive challenger. I briefly considered running myself just to remind people that there are choices. Obviously I did not, but my assumption is that SOMEBODY who is better would. I guess we know what assuming does. Screw Diane Feinstein. She is awful. I cannot and will not endorse her. I’m sure she will win handily. I truly hope this is her last election.

Oakland At Large City Council: Rebecca Kaplan
Keeping it local here. Rebecca Kaplan is one of the finest public servants Oakland has ever seen. Ignacio De La Fuente one of the sleaziest and the worst. Ignacio is challenging Rebecca for Oakland At-Large city council, a citywide position. Ostensibly this is to better prepare him to run for mayor. He SUCKS. This is, put simply: The Empire vs. The Rebel Alliance. Machine politics at their worst vs. pragmatic progressivism. De La Fuente isn’t fit to be elected dogcatcher, he is a liar, corrupt and generally awful. AW-FUL. Rebecca should have been elected mayor, but she’s still in a powerful position to help the city of Oakland. A city I love very much and that needs it. She deserves to be re-elected. That’s it. I run into an alarming amount of people that aren’t even aware she’s being challenged. She is, and it’s a for serious challenge. Please vote for Rebecca Kaplan if you are an Oakland voter. Ignacio De La Fuente is awful, plain and simple, Rebecca Kaplan is wonderful.

(There are other local races, but those are the important ones to me and I do tend to ramble!)
Now the important stuff, the abject failure of the direct democracy system yet again rears its ugly head as a bevy of mostly worthless/dangerous propositions are presented to a jaded, disengaged and very angry electorate. Why do we have a bicameral legislature? SEARCH ME!

Proposition 30: YES.
Raises income taxes on top 2% for schools and vital services, quarter cent sales tax.
We love not paying for things in California! Schools are boned right now, I mean really boned. Sales tax is regressive, which I don’t care for. And I think the top 2% spend a lot of money NOT paying their taxes for the most part. But what the hell dude? State is broke. Sure could use those billions Enron defrauded California for ten years ago now, eh? Raise it. ¼ cent over 4 years is worth it.

Proposition 31: NO
Ham-fisted attempt at reform that kind of bones Environmental laws and puts all kind of weird spending caps on things. Nah brah.

Proposition 32: HELL NO!
Do you think corporations should have more power on elections? Do you think Super PACs are the best idea ever? Than this is the prop. for you! If, however… you are a sane human being vote H-E-L-L no on this. If you are Karl Rove, vote yes. This might be the worst thing on the ballot and that is saying a lot.

Proposition 33: NO!
This same stupid Mercury insurance initiative that was on the ballot in 2008. This thing is harder to kill than Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th! Insurance companies can raise rates on you. Period. That’s what this does. Even if the gap in coverage you have is because you do not own a car. Lame. Vote this business down. I’m sure we’ll be doing so again in four years.

Proposition 34:YES, YES, YES
Eliminate the death penalty. The death penalty is backwards and barbaric. Period. This is the first thing worth voting *FOR* on the ballot for me. It’s important. Only if you think our judicial system has never made a mistake should you vote no on this. If you are against abortion you absolutely have no reason not to, unless you are a hypocrite. Vote yes on this, please. It also requires killers to work while in prison and directs their earnings to their victims, but really… let’s just stop executing people.

Proposition 35: NO
This is the human trafficking prop. That doesn’t mean I’m for human trafficking, but I think this proposition kind of sucks. It’s borderline unconstitutional, poorly written and could catch a lot of people up in the system that don’t deserve to be. That is a drag. It seems reasonable at first glance, I’d say vote no on it. And since this is one of those issues like protecting child molester’s rights that …

Conan Neutron Voting Guide 2010 – California -> Alameda County –> Oakland

Conan Neutron voting guide: 2010
Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
Governor: Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Controller: John Chiang
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
US Senator: Barbara Boxer
US Representative: Barbara Lee
State Assembly, 16th district: Sandre Swanson
Superior Court Judge; County of Alameda; Seat 9: Victoria S. Kolakowski
Bart Director, District 4: Robert Raburn

Prop. 19-Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana: YES!!!
Prop.  20-Congressional Redistricting: NO
Prop.  21-State Parks: YES
Prop.  22-Local government funds: NO
Prop.  23-Suspend Air Pollution law: NO! NO! NO!
Prop.  24-Close corporate tax loopholes: YES YES YES YES!
Prop.  26-Polluter Protection: NO!
Prop.  27-Dissolve Redistricting commission: YES

Alameda County:
Measure F-YES

Measure L- YES (soft)

City of Oakland Measures
Measure V- YES
Measure W- YES
Measure X- NO
Measure BB-YES

Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
The easiest choice i’ve ever had since moving to Oakland in 1995. Instead of voting for a lesser of two evils, i’m voting for one of the most inspiring candidate i’ve ever had the pleasure to see, talk to, work with and vote for. All I knew going into this election cycle was that I wanted ANYBODY BUT DON PERATA. I also knew that Jean Quan is entitled, petulant, and obnoxious. I never knew how entitled, petulant and obnoxious until I had to sit through so long of hearing her talk. Sheesh. But dude, seriously Rebecca Kaplan is fantastic, she’s right about almost everything, but pragmatic too. A pragmatic progressive?!? Wha? wha? wha?
I’m talking about things like proper digitizing of public records to speed city hall efficiency, putting permit applications online. Ridiculously no brainer stuff that takes a pretty big brain to make part of your campaign. Also stuff like reforming Oakland’s preposterously outdated and draconian cabaret licensing so we can have new venues, bar and places to eat. I’m sick to death of people paying lip service to Oakland’s potential, I want somebody to deliver results… and after Ron Dellum’s shameful reign I think we’re due. I am straight up telling you, if you are not paying attention to Rebecca Kaplan, you need to, she is everything this city needs. And if you don’t live in Oakland but know somebody that does, tell somebody.

Here’s a video of her top 3 priorities at a debate I took:

I agree with Rebeccca too.
We have ranked choice for the first time EVER in this election. You should take advantage of this. But if your first choice isn’t Rebecca Kaplan, who is far and away the best candidate, then I’m as surprised as I am disappointed. It doesn’t have anything to do with the landmark of her being the first openly gay mayor in a bay area city, it’s because she’s the best damn person for the job. ’nuff said.

So since it’s ranked choice:
2nd Choice: Don Macleay
3rd Choice: Larry Lionel “LL” Young, a young dude to watch for, for sure

But really, it should be Kaplan 3 times.

Here is the important part:
*NOT* Don Perata or Jean Quan.
I cannot stress this enough, I dislike them both for very different reasons, but with a field so wide picking either of these clowns would be a major mistake. They are truly terrible, both… and I will go into detail if I must, but don’t vote for them because you “recognize the name”, they both are fatally flawed, and we have an excellent candidate in Rebecca Kaplan. I haven’t been this “all about” a candidate in a long, long time. She’s great. If you live in Oaktown and are not stoked about voting, I urge you to learn more about Kaplan and GET STOKED.

Governor: Jerry Brown
Let’s be clear, if you vote for Meg Whitman, I don’t want to know you. Sorry. I know I say a lot of mean things all the time, but it’s kind of true. I was hard on Jerry Brown when he was my mayor, really hard. I still disagree with some of the choices he made, but he’s been an alright Attorney General, and he’s the kind of guy that’s the good kind of career politician. He knows how to get stuff done. Also I get sick of Richie Rich types trying to buy California elections, that counts for Meg Whitman too. Jerry Brown is not a perfect dude, but Meg Whitman is a nightmare without a dream.

Jerry Brown all the way, no waffles.

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
This is a soft endorsement.
Let me explain. I was very critical of Gavin Newsom when he chose to run for mayor, I think he did a fine enough job as mayor, but understand people in SF that are irked at him. He’s also a hell of a politician, and he’s shown, to a certain degree a willingness to learn and change. I actually think he could learn a lot from Jerry, so I endorse him softly… and mostly because of trepidation about his. For people, especially out of state people that think he’s some kind of progressive icon. Dude isn’t. Straight up. But here’s the thing: I don’t buy into the St. Maldonado thing at all. That guy skeeves me out. By the way, the Green Party candidate, James “Jimi” Castillo has his vocation as “Cultural Spiritual Advisor” that is damn hilarious. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but geez dude… typecast much? Whatever, i’ll vote for Newsom.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Most people don’t pay attention to Secretary of State, I do. Debra Bowen might be the finest secretary of state in my lifetime. I talk mad trash about pubic servants just switching up jobs. Debra Bowen is the only one I look forward to moving to a position where she can really do some good. She’s smart, savvy and a great worker. You’d be a fool to pick anybody else. Easiest choice if you aren’t voting …