Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – The Enemy of Everyone

I made a record with Dale Crover on drums, here it is. Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – The Enemy of Everyone bandcamp link This record was written and mostly arranged between June 22nd and September 7th 2014 by Conan Neutron. Tracks were recorded at Sound of Sirens studio in Sun Valley, CA […]


Don’t forget Protonic Reversal my rock radio show/podcast.

I never update this site… but it is worth noting that I do a show on RadioNOPE called Protonic Reversal that airs at 5am to 7pm every week on Thursdays. At the time of this writing is the #1 song on the station. Pretty cool. You can find Protonic Reversal archives on the site and here specifically […]

Neutron Voting Guide – November 2014

Well now! The time has come, the time has come once again to choose mostly between diminished expectations and hard choices and impending evil. It must be… yup… Election season. Time to lock myself in the office with a healthy dose of righteous indignation and drop some science. So let’s get right down to it boppers. […]

Neutron voting guide 06/03/2014

Governor – Luis Rodriguez Lt. Governor – Jena Goodman Attorney General – Kamala Harris Controller – John Perez Secretary of State – Derek Cressman Insurance Commissioner – Nathalie Hrizi Treasurer – John Chiang Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tom Torlakson Board of Equalization, District 2 - nobody or write in. US, House of Representatives, district 13 […]

Protonic Reversal on Radio Valencia

Hello, I do a weekly radio show now. Thursday 8am-10am Pacific It’s on Radio Valencia. Supreme Allied Commander of Rock Conan Neutron is on the air and ready, are you? The very best of post-punk, punk rock, noisy stuff and indie rock that doesn’t forget to actually rock. Rock ‘n roll lifer Conan Neutron guides […]

Conan Neutron’s best of 2013 | Hey, look: I like the rock music!

After what was largely a year of crippling self doubt and lack of enthusiasm in regards to writing anything, I managed to complete a list of some of my favorite records for the year 2013. It was easy, it was a great year for music. I encourage everybody to check out this list I did […]

Victory and Associates – Better Luck Next Life

I am part of a rock band, we just released out second record. I put my heart and soul into it, as did my fellow bandmates. There are some people who seem to think it’s worth listening to. If that kind of thing interests you, check it out here: Better Luck Next Life by Victory […]

You Can’t Stop The Signal

Hi folks, i’m doing a podcast with my very good friends/bandmates called You Can’t Stop The Signal. You can download it on mp3 at the links before or subscribe at the iTunes store. Click that link there or just search for “You Can’t Stop The Signal” in the itunes store. There’s music, mirth and misery. […]

Neutron Voting Guide 2012 1

Living in non-swing state California makes for a boring disconnected election decided mostly by people far away. But there’s an upside! You also get to vote on a bunch of dumb propositions every year. So let’s slap on a fake smile and deconstruct this shall we? President: Obama. Don’t talk to me about the lesser […]