Month: October 2010

Conan Neutron Voting Guide 2010 – California -> Alameda County –> Oakland

Conan Neutron voting guide: 2010
Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
Governor: Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Controller: John Chiang
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
US Senator: Barbara Boxer
US Representative: Barbara Lee
State Assembly, 16th district: Sandre Swanson
Superior Court Judge; County of Alameda; Seat 9: Victoria S. Kolakowski
Bart Director, District 4: Robert Raburn

Prop. 19-Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana: YES!!!
Prop.  20-Congressional Redistricting: NO
Prop.  21-State Parks: YES
Prop.  22-Local government funds: NO
Prop.  23-Suspend Air Pollution law: NO! NO! NO!
Prop.  24-Close corporate tax loopholes: YES YES YES YES!
Prop.  26-Polluter Protection: NO!
Prop.  27-Dissolve Redistricting commission: YES

Alameda County:
Measure F-YES

Measure L- YES (soft)

City of Oakland Measures
Measure V- YES
Measure W- YES
Measure X- NO
Measure BB-YES

Oakland Mayor: Rebecca Kaplan
The easiest choice i’ve ever had since moving to Oakland in 1995. Instead of voting for a lesser of two evils, i’m voting for one of the most inspiring candidate i’ve ever had the pleasure to see, talk to, work with and vote for. All I knew going into this election cycle was that I wanted ANYBODY BUT DON PERATA. I also knew that Jean Quan is entitled, petulant, and obnoxious. I never knew how entitled, petulant and obnoxious until I had to sit through so long of hearing her talk. Sheesh. But dude, seriously Rebecca Kaplan is fantastic, she’s right about almost everything, but pragmatic too. A pragmatic progressive?!? Wha? wha? wha?
I’m talking about things like proper digitizing of public records to speed city hall efficiency, putting permit applications online. Ridiculously no brainer stuff that takes a pretty big brain to make part of your campaign. Also stuff like reforming Oakland’s preposterously outdated and draconian cabaret licensing so we can have new venues, bar and places to eat. I’m sick to death of people paying lip service to Oakland’s potential, I want somebody to deliver results… and after Ron Dellum’s shameful reign I think we’re due. I am straight up telling you, if you are not paying attention to Rebecca Kaplan, you need to, she is everything this city needs. And if you don’t live in Oakland but know somebody that does, tell somebody.

Here’s a video of her top 3 priorities at a debate I took:

I agree with Rebeccca too.
We have ranked choice for the first time EVER in this election. You should take advantage of this. But if your first choice isn’t Rebecca Kaplan, who is far and away the best candidate, then I’m as surprised as I am disappointed. It doesn’t have anything to do with the landmark of her being the first openly gay mayor in a bay area city, it’s because she’s the best damn person for the job. ’nuff said.

So since it’s ranked choice:
2nd Choice: Don Macleay
3rd Choice: Larry Lionel “LL” Young, a young dude to watch for, for sure

But really, it should be Kaplan 3 times.

Here is the important part:
*NOT* Don Perata or Jean Quan.
I cannot stress this enough, I dislike them both for very different reasons, but with a field so wide picking either of these clowns would be a major mistake. They are truly terrible, both… and I will go into detail if I must, but don’t vote for them because you “recognize the name”, they both are fatally flawed, and we have an excellent candidate in Rebecca Kaplan. I haven’t been this “all about” a candidate in a long, long time. She’s great. If you live in Oaktown and are not stoked about voting, I urge you to learn more about Kaplan and GET STOKED.

Governor: Jerry Brown
Let’s be clear, if you vote for Meg Whitman, I don’t want to know you. Sorry. I know I say a lot of mean things all the time, but it’s kind of true. I was hard on Jerry Brown when he was my mayor, really hard. I still disagree with some of the choices he made, but he’s been an alright Attorney General, and he’s the kind of guy that’s the good kind of career politician. He knows how to get stuff done. Also I get sick of Richie Rich types trying to buy California elections, that counts for Meg Whitman too. Jerry Brown is not a perfect dude, but Meg Whitman is a nightmare without a dream.

Jerry Brown all the way, no waffles.

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom
This is a soft endorsement.
Let me explain. I was very critical of Gavin Newsom when he chose to run for mayor, I think he did a fine enough job as mayor, but understand people in SF that are irked at him. He’s also a hell of a politician, and he’s shown, to a certain degree a willingness to learn and change. I actually think he could learn a lot from Jerry, so I endorse him softly… and mostly because of trepidation about his. For people, especially out of state people that think he’s some kind of progressive icon. Dude isn’t. Straight up. But here’s the thing: I don’t buy into the St. Maldonado thing at all. That guy skeeves me out. By the way, the Green Party candidate, James “Jimi” Castillo has his vocation as “Cultural Spiritual Advisor” that is damn hilarious. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but geez dude… typecast much? Whatever, i’ll vote for Newsom.

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Most people don’t pay attention to Secretary of State, I do. Debra Bowen might be the finest secretary of state in my lifetime. I talk mad trash about pubic servants just switching up jobs. Debra Bowen is the only one I look forward to moving to a position where she can really do some good. She’s smart, savvy and a great worker. You’d be a fool to pick anybody else. Easiest choice if you aren’t voting …